Hello there beautiful woman

handdrawn watercolour blue diamond

Welcome to my online sanctuary.

Brew yourself some tea, take some deep grounding breaths and get comfy. 
I’m so happy to have you here.

I’m Alana. I’m a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Illustrator. I create beautiful things for women who have big soul missions (even if they’re not quite clear on what that mission is yet!), are passionate about having a positive impact on the people they cross paths with, care deeply about this beautiful planet we call home, and are dedicated to running a business that is deeply rooted in the heart.

Let me tell you a bit about me.

• I’m a Mumma to a little boy, Ari, and get so much joy from watching him being curious, learning and developing

I’m most peaceful when I’m in my garden, sipping on tea, surrounded by my plants and my loves

I care deeply about sustainability, equality, the health of our planet and slow living

I’m a curious creature and love looking at life from different perspectives and exploring the ‘greys’ – always with an open heart.

I feel most at home when I’m in nature, smelling the flowers (literally!), having deep conversations and doing what I can to make a difference in this world

I’ve loved creating ever since I was a little girl. I’d waste away the hours drawing and bringing the beautiful images in my mind, to life. My adult years saw me start a passion project called Luludu. At Luludu I work with three beautiful Balinese mothers to create intricate handmade crochet shoes. Luludu supports fair working conditions for disadvantaged women and continues to be an endeavour that is extremely close to my heart. 

I’ve also spent many years illustrating, doing digital design work and creating websites. Wildflower Creative is a sweet amalgamation of all these loves, values and passions.

Just like me, my design style is earthy, intuitive, unique, considered and full of love. My designs will have you breathing a deep exhale as you see all that you feel within you, all that you are passionate about, and all that you wanted expressed in your brand, brought to life.

Working with me feels like...

  • The gentle warmth of the sun, finding its way to your face as you sit in the garden of a morning
  • The deep gratitude you feel as you put yourself to bed after spending an evening in the company of people who enrich your life and truly ‘get’ you
  • The feeling of coming home after a big day, stripping back and diving into a cleansing shower
  • The sense of peace you feel when you’re in nature, disconnected from technology, and truly present.


You will feel fully supported, understood + celebrated.

You will feel calm, heard + in
safe hands

It’s my mission in this life to support women to share their mission with the world. I believe that if we truly want to see the changes on this planet than our hearts are craving (and that our Mother Earth so desperately needs!) we need to stand up, speak out and share our message, in whatever way feels right and aligned for us.

There’s no better time than now to listen to the whispers of your soul, follow your biggest dreams, take up more space in this world and be brave enough to do things differently.

I can help you...

– create stunning websites

– craft beautiful resources like catalogues and eBooks

– design unique illustrations

… all of which will capture people’s heart, grab their attention and connect them, at a deep soul level, to your brand.

If you are a passionate business woman who would love to work with a designer who shares your values, resonates with your mission and is passionate about creating from a heart-filled space, then I’d love to create magic with you.

You can see examples of my work here find out more about my offerings here.


All my love,


rosemary handdrawn illustration
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